Eau Claire Ploughman’s Rye Whisky

Eau Claire president, David Farran is such a fan of draught horses that he uses up to 100 of them at a time to plant and harvest grain for Eau Claire’s whiskies. Ploughman’s Rye thus revives colourful traditional horse-farming practices that disappeared from Alberta early in the 20th century. But what about the whisky?

Ploughman’s Rye begins with a cornucopia of fall fruits together with robust sweet spices, clean grain and fresh cut hay, finishing with tinges of vanilla and marzipan. While displaying a youthful vigour, Ploughman’s Rye is rich and complex with a medium body and a long peppery finish. Three cheers for draught horses!

1 Eau Claire Ploughmans Rye Whisky.png